Thursday, 11 July 2013

Mid-week squeak (running late) Johnny Flynn Brown Trout Blues


Midweek Squeak is even more shrill than usual this week because it's Johnny Flynn - who helps me to channel my teenage self....(girly squeal).

Johnny Flynn. Brown Trout Blues. Oh my.

It's Folk like my mumma used to sing. Ingrained in me from the womb and beyond, and Johnny brought it back to me.

My lovely friend Anna introduced to this clip of the sublime Mr Flynn at work one day and I think my comment was "Brown Trout Blues? I'd show him a bit of the Old Trout Blues..." Inappropriate I know but hey, it's his music that I'm interested in. And I'm not that much older than him....

Sometimes it seems too many blessings are heaped on just one person, leaving the majority of us lesser beings sadly lacking. That voice, songwriter, actor, multiple instrument musician, easy on the eye - it's just unfair.

Inspiring lyrics galore from Johnny:

           I could be someone else
           I should be someone else but
           You wouldn't know me if I was
           You'd say I was a stranger just because
           You'd say I wasn't weak enough for you
           You'd want me just to feel as you do too.

I love this. Questions of identity. So Young Adult. My characters need to listen to this. Except they live in a post-apocalyptic world, so I'll listen for them.

So buy his albums A Larum and Been Listening and there's a new one out this summer. Support Johnny, I'm sure he'll be real famous too soon (he's filming a movie with Anne Hathaway later this year).

I need to put this second clip up, although I haven't see the film, I love Johnny's cover of this song.

And I get to see him live at Larmer Tree festival this year. I'll be the one right at the front singing all the words. Thank you Super H for taking me, your understanding goes beyond normal bounds of husbandness. You'll even catch me when I swoon. 


  1. You introduced me to Johnny after a little late night wine drinking, guitar session.. I must admit although he's not really my thing.. I do have a little indulgent listen every now and then ;-)

  2. That was a very good night - only enhanced slightly by a little drop of Johnny XXX