Saturday, 27 July 2013

How I wrote a novel Phase 2 Building a skeleton

Phase 2 of 10 Building a skeleton. November to December 50 hours.
So by Phase 2 I had a collection of notes and a story premise, a central conflict and a setting. It's a young adult novel. Boy meets girl. Two worlds collide. So much more.
I had K of course, and now A had arrived more hesitantly, developing into my feisty protagonist and main POV character.
I had no idea what to do next. My English Literature and Language degree was quite frankly of little help, although it did enable me to develop my excellent skim/speed reading abilities (it's my super power).
So to the internet of course.
Snowflake method. It was at the top of the google search on how to write a novel. That's all the thought I put into it.
It had pretty pictures, stuck to some classical theory and was well written.

I simply followed the first 6 steps on his website because they made sense. Thank you Randy, you helped me a lot in those early weeks. I only ever looked at the first page of Randy's website because by then I was flying.

My 15,319 word scene synopsis. It changed a lot.

I wrote a synopsis, I expanded upon it, I planned a three act structure, I split each act into scenes.

I blocked out each scene (blocking for me = characters + setting + what they actually do and why - working on it at the moment for book 2 - it's so exciting!).

I didn't spend a lot of time on character at this stage. Aside from K, I discovered my characters by writing them.

By the beginning of December I had 15,319 words. I was happy. Thrilled. A discovery draft. I had actually written more words than my dissertation and ENJOYED it.

Christmas had been and gone. Ideas kept coming. I needed better software. I craved organisation because ideas were coming thick and fast and in no particular order. I wasn't writing in a linear fashion. I followed my instinct.

I discovered Scrivener.

So far (including phase 1) it's 70 hours. Not much. It's about to multiply.

Catch How I wrote a novel Phase 3 Gollum arrives next Friday to find out how My Precious worked its way up to 82,000 words in 8 weeks.


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