Saturday, 23 November 2013

Full Manuscript Request Joy - What does it mean? What doesn't it mean?

Wednesday last week - a favourite agent (the second one I ever submitted to back in August) say they would love to read my full manuscript exclusively. Note the word love. Love!

So here's my heart on a plate - wash it down with a fine Chianti
Cue - squeaking noise, hot sweat and a lot of silly dancing. I grant them 30 days exclusivity (and any body organs of their choice) because I'm a consummate professional.

So this is exciting. This is something. On to the bottom rung of a pretty tall ladder but at least out of the gutter.

I've done some research to try to prevent insanity whilst waiting.

So what does this actually mean?
1. This agency receive 1400 submissions per month. They see enough potential in mine to ask for a full.
2. They are going to use precious time that could be used on other massively famous clients - to read my story.
3. This agency state they usually give editorial notes if they read a full, so I might get professional feedback.

That's it - that's all it means.

So what doesn't this mean?
1. That they will take me on.
2. Anything else whatsoever.

So this is good news. It's great news. I feel vindicated and that I can safely assume I am not insane to ever believe I can be an author.

But still - probably best to shelve those red-carpet fantasies for the time being.