Thursday, 18 July 2013

Mid-week Squeak - Pucket - finger flicking fun

So, no music today. I'm squeaking about a game instead.

The glorious Pucket.

No, I'm not having a bad day or trouble with my teeth. Go on, say the word nice and loud:

Pucket, Pucket, Pucket.

Trust me, once you start playing you'll want to say a few different words, because it's crazy fun and makes even the most chilled people into competitive screeching freaks. That's one of the reasons why I love it.

And this also has something to do with my writing.
Because playing Pucket is actually just like the stage I'm working on now. Word-level editing my novel. And this is how:
1. It's hard work. The game is basically about getting the discs through the hole, but the little blighters just keep bouncing straight back at you. The editing game is basically about finding the right word to fit. And sometimes it takes me a while, yes, just to find one word or phrase. And sometimes there's sweating involved.

2. It's random. Sometimes everything goes your way first time. Resist the urge to overthink, if the games going well, ride the wave. If the words come out best first time, leave them be, they're happy there.

3. Practice does pay off. But you'll still have bad games. I've improved so much in my writing. But sometimes I still write drivel and make myself giggle-cringe the next time I read it.

4. It's finger flicking fun, even when it's really frustrating. I love writing.

So visit and snag yourself a game of Pucket. Dinner parties will never be the same again.

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  1. I know how that goes. After years of editing it comes easier now but there are some days when my brain seems to only contain the vocabulary of a five year old! I think I need to play Pucket now :)