Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mid-week Squeak I will wait, I will wait - For you

I'm introducing a regular feature. My Mid-week Squeak. I'm going to blog on Wednesdays about something that inspires me in my writing. It's a squeak because it's a little bit uncool and fan-like. Be warned - you may find me slightly shrill.

This week it is The Marvellous Mumford and Sons and their song I Will Wait. So many songs move me but this raised goosebumps everywhere when I heard the live front-lounge Glastonbury version on Sunday. I know writers are probably supposed to be aloof and individual and like things other people don't, and sometimes I do, but I also like this. A lot. Along with most of the planet.

How it inspires and influences my writing?
  Let's make a list:

1. Simplicity.
 Most of the song is made up of the words 'I will wait, I will wait for you.' And everybody sings along in utter bliss. Including, or rather especially me - with eyes shut-tight and hands in the air. Unless I'm driving. Three one syllable simple little words, so powerful. Using that. Beauty in simplicity.

2. Alliteration, Assonance.
 That line again - The W's the o's. It's got wings.

3. Pace. 
Marcus' rhythm guitar is frantic, I can't keep up when I play along. But then he stops completely on that magic 'I will wait' chorus. The slow times only seem slow if they come after the fast. I have taken note.

4. Yearning. 
I love yearning. I like my characters to experience love with a good dose of misery. Nothing better than star-crossed lovers and love unrequited. I like it when they have to wait. The main character in my novel will wait and wait and wait - for her. Sigh.

5. Playability/ Singability.
I like to be able to perform it in my front room. Loudly. And with no regard for the neighbours or for the music police. The chords are simple and its easy to sing. It's a perfect way to take a break from my writing, and gets me n the right mood for some majorly passionate yearning (see point 4) from my characters.

That's enough squeaking for today.

Just going to play it one more time before I get back to Chapter 43 on the 6th Edit.

Come on - share some songs that inspire you. You know you want to.


  1. Totally agree AL, Mumford and sons are inspiring by their oozing of pure talent. No wonder they have taken the world by storm... a small West London folk group selling more records than Bieber, good for them! Love your midweek squeak.

  2. Thanks BM. Follow me to keep up with the squeak.

  3. Your friend and mine, Adrian Weston was playing flute for Mumford for that set at Glastonbury.....