Saturday, 14 December 2013

Which one next? Becoming an author might be all about the strategy.

I've a feeling I need to become a strategist, because I don't know what to write next.
Just finished second draft of my second novel, YA ghost story, The Journal of Apolline Durand. Out with my wonderful first readers, Kathryn, Sally, Helen and Lyann. So she's out of the loop for a few weeks.

A windy summer
Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Italia May 1999
Apolline! Play nice with the first readers like a good girl.

My firstborn manuscript Clamour is out with agents, full manuscript waiting on a response. Have lots of new revision idea for this, but makes no sense to do anything until I hear back from *the* agent.
Go Aster, wow those agents, get under their skin like you got under mine - I know you can do it
So I have two choices:
1. Start on new project The Red Edge. This is spanky new and exciting. Lead character is a boy, Hector. Already feel like I know him (and of course, love him). Story plotted vaguely, but I have a strong sense of premise, themes and place and a cracking good opening chapter. Scenes pop into my mind continuously for this one.
The view of the red dwarf sun Rutilus from Rutilus 2
The Red Edge - Space adventure that mainly takes place on the planet Rutilus 2 in the Scorpios Constellation.
2. Start on Scatter, second book in Clamour trilogy. This is SO ripe for the picking. These characters have voices already and they nag, nag, nag. Been thinking this for over a year. Could be good to write this before revising Clamour? Like my optimism. Could be a waste of precious time if Clamour never gets picked up? No, can't think that way. *The* agent could suggest revisions to Clamour that impact on the story.
Bản Giốc fall, Cao Bằng
Khone Falls in Laos. Setting of the tribal summit in Scatter - sequel to Clamour
So which should it be? Completely new manuscript meaning I have 3 separate projects on the go? And may get a mental overload? Vote Red.
Or second book in trilogy. Focus on the one I already love - and that would be easy as pie to write? Could probably knock out a first draft for this in a month or so. Vote Green.

Best thing of all? Love both these ideas and can't wait to get started....

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