Saturday, 21 December 2013

A few of my favorite things in YA fiction.

A few of my favourite things they crop up in different forms (hopefully)

1. Girl heroes - feisty, with heart and who spend more time rescuing than being rescued.
2. Boy heroes - flawed but never misogynistic. I'll stop myself from making them all blond.
3. Prisons or being held captive.
4. Sacrifice.
5. Physical injury. I like it visceral.
6. All enduring friendship. Tested but comes out stronger.
7. Love. The slow burn that takes its time and lingers and hurts.
8. Love that ends. Most teenagers don't marry their first love.
9.Pledges and promises even if just to oneself.
10.Death. No-one believes the danger unless they've seen its consequences.

Things I pledge to avoid in my writing:

1. Insta-love. No. Not love at first sight. Attracted to at first sight. Love comes later.
2. Love triangles where it is obvious who the girl will end up with. Just let the other guy go already.
3.Wimpy girls waiting for boys to rescue them.
4. Excessive sarcasm or whining.
5. Boredom of any description.

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