Monday, 14 July 2014

YALC at LFCC 12th - 13th July 2014 Part 1 The YA Bookish Crowd

The first YALC surpassed my expectations in so many ways, but it was the people I met who took it to another level.

I was nervous.  I hadn't written anything for nearly week and I now know it was anxiety that caused this slump.
I'm not a book blogger.
I'm not yet a published author.
I haven't got a deal to talk about.
I had never met any of my twitter friends in person.
I was afraid of this reaction.

I need not have worried because the YA bookish crowd are my people. Open, friendly, unpretentious, and just enthused to talk about books.

Everyone I'd chatted to on twitter is even better in real life. And I had so many lovely chats with published authors, I now feel like my anxieties about how I'm doing with my writing have dropped to zero. I can go back to enjoying the moment - polishing my novel until is it glossy enough to meet some editors.

My network of support has moved off the screen and into reality due to this fabulous opportunity for a very special crowd of like-minded people to meet.
Can't wait for next year. Might even cosplay...

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